Video Telematics for Fleet Management & Safety

Video telematics provides evidence to exonerate drivers, maintain fleet safety regulations & cut down on insurance costs. Video telematics provides evidence to exonerate drivers, maintain fleet safety regulations & cut down on insurance costs. Mobile DVRs, MDVR with SD or HDD Storage starting from 2 channel super mini MDVR up to 12 channel hybrid MDVR.

Oil & Gas Fleet Management Video

Oil & Gas
Logistics Fleet Management Video

Taxi & Rent Fleet Management Video


Law Enforcement Fleet Management Video

Law Enforcement

Video Telematics Benefits


Save more than 30% operation costs by driving behavior monitoring


Increase the efficiency by precessing eletronic reports


Ensure safety & regulatory comliance with digital evidence


AI driver monitoring system with accurate detections on fatigue


Reduce 90% accidents with real time alers & warning buzzer

Driving Monitoring System

Road accidents cost money but people often end up with injuries or in worst-case scenario may be lost. Driver monitoring & assistance system looks at early signs of fatigue and helps stop accidents by issuing a warning to the driver & control room.

Driver Monitoring System works with AI algorithm which delivers accurate detections on fatigue, distraction, smoking and different bad driving behaviors affecting the safety of driving.

  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Headway Monitoring Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Closed-eyes detection
  • Yawning detection
  • Smoking/Calling detection
Driving Monitoring Fleet Management Video

Logistics Fleet Management
Logistics Fleet Management

Considering the complicated structural size and scenarios of trailer truck, including articulated trucks, Video monitoring for trailer trucks provider a 360 degree and in-depth monitoring for the tractor, trailer, driver cabin, driver behavior, vehicle status, etc.

Vehicle status: Harsh braking, Harsh acceleration, tilting, impact detection, etc.

Driver drowsiness detection by Driver Monitoring System


Up to 8/12 channels MDVR: full view of inside of driver cab, and outside of truck

Surveillance of blind spots, which threats the safety and driving risk of articulated trucks

Detach-able trailer connectors, to provide convenience, when trailer is detached and assembled to tractor.>

Real-time GPS tracking monitoring, and event-based video uploading.

Driver behavior monitoring

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