Video Telematics for Fleet Management & Safety

 Video telematics provides evidence to exonerate drivers, maintain fleet safety regulations & cut down on insurance costs. MDVR with SD or HDD Storage starting from 2 channel up to 12 channel hybrid MDVR’s.

Oil & Gas
Law Enforcement

Video Telematics Benefits

Save more than 30% operation costs by driving behavior monitoring

Increase the efficiency by processing electronic reports

Ensure safety & regulatory compliance with digital evidence

AI driver monitoring system with accurate detections on fatigue

Reduce 90% accidents with real time alers & warning buzzer


Driving Monitoring System

Road accidents cost money but people often end up with injuries or in the worst-case scenario may be lost. Driver monitoring & assistance system looks at early signs of fatigue and helps stop accidents by issuing a warning to the driver & control room.
Driver Monitoring System works with AI algorithm which delivers accurate detections on fatigue, distraction, smoking, and different bad driving behaviors affecting the safety of driving.

Cargo & Logistics

Considering the complicated structural size and scenarios of trailer truck, including articulated trucks, Video monitoring for trailer trucks provides a 360 degree and in-depth monitoring for the tractor, trailer, driver cabin, driver behavior, vehicle status, etc.Vehicle status: Harsh braking, Harsh acceleration, tilting, impact detection, etc.Driver drowsiness detection by Driver Monitoring System.ADAS: LDW, FCW, HMW

Up to 8/12 channels MDVR: full view of the inside of driver cab, and outside of the truck.

Surveillance of blind spots, which threats the safety and driving risk of articulated trucks.

Detach-able trailer connectors, to provide convenience when the trailer is detached and assembled to the tractor.

Real-time GPS tracking monitoring, and event-based video uploading.

Driver behavior monitoring