GPS Vehicle Tracking


iFleet Basic

iFleet Plus

iFleet Plus RFID


PKR 14,000

PKR 30,000

PKR 36,000

Vehicle Tracking System Features

GPS Tracking Device

GPS tracking device with replacement warranty, EU certified.

Data History

3, 6 or 12 months.

Location Update Time

Real-time location update >30sec

Native Android/iOS App

Native Mobile Applications for best performance.

Real Time Monitoring

24×7 Live Tracking integrated with google maps & street view.

Map Refresh

Live interactive map view without refresh for multiple vehicles

Instant Notifications

Less than 5s Push, Email & SMS

Freindly User Interface

Easy to Use and Friendly Web Interface with interactive map.

Reports on Mobile

Generate PDF Reports through Mobile App

Vehicle Locator Link

Share location with friends & family via Whatsapp, Email, Facebook & etc.

Remote Block

Block/Unblock Engine from Mobile & Web Application.


Google Maps with Traffic, Physical, Hybrid & Satellite View.


Create/Manage Geofences & set alerts via Mobile App

Notifications / Alerts

Set customized notifications & alerts for geofence, ignition, speed, battery & other sensors.

Visual Analysis

Generate heatmaps for visual analysis of visited areas on the map.

Scheduled Reports

Get reports delivered to your email at specified intervals.

Vehicle Tracking Reports

Group Reports

Group reports by day/week/month/shifts/vehicles


Get reports of routes, completed, skipped or late checkpoints.


Drivers & Vehicles Scorecard according to driving quality.


Harsh Braking Notification

Engine Hours

Drivers & Vehicles Scorecard according to driving quality.


Harsh Braking Notification

Driving Behavior

Drivers & Vehicles Scorecard according to driving quality.

Fuel Theft

Fuel theft report.

Battery Voltage

Keep an eye on the battery voltage to check performance.

Over speeding

Harsh Braking Notification

Excessive Idling

Find out location & time of idling.

Fuel Fillings

Detailed report of fuel fillings with the locations & cost.

Geofence Movement

Get to know vehicle movement areas of the vehicle.

Connection Loss

Get details of connection status of gps tracking device.

Summary Report

All details of trips, stops & parking.


Violation report for all events of idling, over speeding & etc.

ECO Driving

Driver Scorecard

Drivers & Vehicles Scorecard according to driving quality.

Harsh Braking

Harsh Braking Notification.

Harsh Acceleration

Harsh Acceleration Notification.

Harsh Cornering

Harsh Cornering Notification.

Over Speeding

Over speeding notifications customizable to requirements or road limit.


Idling notifications with customizable time limit.

Routes Scheduling & Monitoring


Create, Manage & Edit checkpoints & schedule.

Routes Status

Live status & realtime alerts for route progress.

Users, Vehicle & Driver Management

User Management

Assign multiple users & groups to a vehicle based on their role.

Driver Management

Add/Remove driver details and authorize vehicle usage.

Trailer Management

Assign trailer to a vehicle based on the requirements.

Access Control

Use our Fingerprint or RFID card reader to control unauthorized access to s vehicle.

Fleet Management Dashboard

Trend Analysis

Weekly & Monthly trend analysis. Filter by driver, vehicle or a fleet.

Traveled Distance

Overall mileage travelled for entire fleet.

Fuel Consumtion

Fuel Consumption of entire fleet.

Average KM/L

Average fuel consumption of the fleet.

Safety Rank

Average fleet & driver’s safety rank.


Utilization of fleet.

Fuel Wasted

Fuel wasted by the fleet in idling.


Over speeding, acceleration, braking, corning & etc.

Distance vs Fuel

Distance traveled& fuel consumed comparison.