Waste And Utility Services Fleet Management

Utility industry fleet managers need to track all functions such as repair and maintenance, Reduce ownership costs & make informed decisions. iFleet© provides you with the latest technology tools to keep your fleet in smooth operation & increase efficiency.

Business Challenges


Fleet Route Management

Optimize the efficiency of your fleet, Improve response times with effective route control according to your business needs.

Key Features

Eco Driving

Reduce accidents, avoid traffic violations and promote safe driving habits with score cards based on harsh driving, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, idling and other violations through your entire fleet.

Eco Driving
automated service works

Automated Service Works

Prevent breakdowns from happening in the first place by servicing vehicles & replacing parts well in time so that the fleet stays on the road round the clock. Ensure that all aspects of Fleet servicing and Fleet maintenance are conducted with regularity, in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

real time monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Track the movement and manage your vehicles in real-time to improve visibility. Get an alert for any unauthorized movement and generate reports on trips, geofences & engine hours to keep an eye on the entire fleet.