Transport And Logistics GPS Fleet Management

Manage drivers, vehicles, and cargo with streamlined process flow. Improve customer service with accurate delivery times. Take control of your fuel expenses, insurance costs, cargo safety, & inefficient driving behavior.


Driving Behaviour Monitoring

Safe driving behavior ensures cargo safety and extends the lifespan of your fleet. Coaching drivers based on their scorecards decreases not only violation costs but also helps in driver retention. Customizable sensors such as acceleration, braking, cornering, etc.

driving behaviour monitoring
planning and scheduling optimization

Planning And Scheduling Optimization:

iFleet provides an effective route planning system that keeps in view the quickest route & other parameters effectively reducing operational cost.

Create, monitor & get real-time alerts for checkpoints along the route with progress details such as completed, not visited, delayed. Detailed reports can be generated for single or multiple routes.

Preventive Maintenance Schedule

iFleet manages the process of fleet maintenance, servicing, and validity of driver’s documents with a user-friendly interface, specific reports, and expenditure records. A step away from multipage Excel documents and paper registers.

Preventive Maintenance Schedule
Reports and Storage

Use One System To Monitor Equipment And Engine Hours

With the improved visibility that comes from a heavy-equipment monitoring solution, you have the data you need to make smarter decisions about how equipment gets utilized.