Public Transport Fleet Management

Public transport route management tracks the router performance in real tume with flexible configuration of stops, optimize routes, distribute vehicles, manage schedules.

User friendly interface for real time notifications of estimated time of arrival, schedule status & detailed reports for every route.

How it works?

Add or import stops
Create routes and add schedules
Assign units to rides
Track units in real time
Generate detailed reports
Public Transport Owner
  • Create an effective dispatch centre for comprehensive control
  • Get fleet performance analysis
  • Avoid fines for violating schedules
  • Optimize the number of vehicles on route by minimizing idle time
  • Get quick access to analytics for decision making
Public Transport Desptacher
  • Minimize traffic disruption cases
  • Ensure schedule compliance, proper vehicle distribution, and reliability of services
  • Improve planning accuracy, driver discipline and passenger transportation quality
  • Optimize time for route planning, schedule management and route sheets creation
  • Replace vehicles on the already started rides in case of breakdowns


Complete Route Management

Key Features

  • Generate routes with precise schedules, individual operation patterns and bound units
  • Add hundreds of schedules for various circumstances and create schedules on the basis of the existing ones
  • Assign the units constantly following the route on the specified schedule in advance
  • Use dynamic search and filtration by vehicle type, route number, name, etc.
  • Change stops sequence by drag&drop or replace one stop by another


Create custom activity
schemes for each route

Operation patterns are directly connected with schedules and determine the days when the latter should be active (weekdays, seasons, roadworks periods, etc.).

Create custom activity schemes for each route


Online tracking

Control rides in real time:

  • Use handy timeline and notifications to control late/early arrivals, deviations from the route, etc.
  • Replace a vehicle on the already started ride
  • Make use of color identification when analyzing late/early arrivals and view tool-tips for additional information
  • Configure settings for late/early arrivals detection
  • Employ 1 of 3 GIS sources for unit tracking on the map


Study ride history and assess performance quality in terms of routes and units. Generate basic and detailed reports. Execute reports for the intervals of up to 100 days. Export reports in .xlsx

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