Effective service delivery with improved response time using Real time fleet management

Utilize resources effeciently to help cut down expenses, monitor maintenance services to avoid critical breakdowns.

Government Fleet Dispatch Management

Dispatch Management

Coordinate and dispatch
a quick response

Get real time location of your most suitable team to dispatch for help resulting in quic response time, Monitor activity along the way & ensure best coordination. Provide visibility to operations control room for an overall view of entire tasks in progress & completed.

Government Fleet Management

Government fleet are often used under heavy workload and rough conditions. Keep the fleet on road and optimize workload using GPS Fleet Management Software which optimizes costs of government fleet & improves operational effeciency.

Plan the fleet operation, minimizing fuel fraud, increase the safety of transportation and reducing the cost of vehicle depreciation.


Monitor KPI’s in real time

Build custom scenarios for patrolling plan, improve response time & get notified in real time when needed. Promote safety by driving behavior analysis & protect high value assets by timely service & preventive maintenance. Generate reports for entire fleet or a single vehicle based on your criteria.

Government Fleet Accountability

Government Fleet Preventive Maintenance Schedule


Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Set reminders for next vehicle maintenance, Maintain digital logbook of service history with recorded data.

Along with the maintenance reminder of your entire fleet, Add the renewal date of driving licenses

Avoid Critical breakdowns due to untimely maintenance

Automated process of maintenance & service works

Maintain parts library & generate reports on cost per vehicle

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