Fuel Control

The ultimate solution for complete fuel consumption control and optimization of the related expenses. The fuel management system is based on data available from onboard computers or fuel level sensors, installed in the fuel tank of a vehicle.

With iFleet, every liter of fuel is under control and shown in a chart (table, or as statistics)

Decrease fuel theft by​
Reduce fuel costs by
Optimize fleet efficiency by

Fuel Control Challenges

Unreasonable Fuel Expenses​

Estimate your fuel costs by considering factors such as fuel consumption of the vehicle, cost of fuel per litre and distance travelled.

Fuel Theft​

As major operational cost, you need to minimize these costs, With real-time monitoring and theft alerts stay on top of suspicious fuel activity.

Fuel Manipulation At Gas Stations

Keep an eye on fuel retailers trying to trick drivers, With real time fuel level fillings along with the location alert will stop manipulations.

Benefits Of Using iFleet To Control Fuel Costs

  • Consumption Reports
    Consumption Reports

    Stop manual data collection and get the important fuel consumption metrics streamlined. Check fuel level history available for any period.

  • Live Fuel Monitoring
    Live Fuel Monitoring

    Monitoring fuel tank of vehicle in real time is one of the critical tasks to avoid theft and control expenses. Keep a close eye on fuel volume, refilling and draining.

  • Control Filling Stations
    Control Filling Stations

    Monitor fuel filling locations and prevent drivers from using unauthorized filling stations. Get instant filling alerts with location.

  • Scheduled Reports
    Scheduled Reports

    Schedule reports for daily/weekly/monthly fuel consumption, refuel, distance traveled & fuel consumed in motion and idling.

Fuel control system helps to eliminate any fuel misuse, increase haulage safety and cut vehicle depreciation expense ultimately resulting in increased ROI

Algorithm Driven
CAN Reader​​
Fuel Level Sensor​​

Fuel Consumption Analysis​

An in-depth analysis of fuel consumption allows visualizing the history of fuel level in the tank for a specified period of time. Graphs allow you to see the precise fuel level value and vehicle location at the moment.Generate reports on all fuel fillings and possible fuel thefts with precise date, time, location and map markers, initial and final fuel levels, and fillings/thefts volume information provided.