Fleet Monitoring

GPS Fleet Monitoring​

Realtime Live Tracking allows you to respond to any event in a split second. Online vehicle tracking is the ultimate solution to boost fleet efficiency and productivity. iFleet® GPS fleet monitoring allows to both optimize your costs and improve driver accountability. We support many types of hardware such as GPS tracker, OBD II, solar asset tracker, fingerprint scanner, RFID reader, mDVR, canbus reader and mobile tracking devices.

Real Time Fleet Management Features

Process and analyze any data from units, show it in reports, and visualize it as graphs. Choose report contents by setting up report templates. Create reports for one unit or a group of units.

Monitor your staff by keeping an eye on speed limit violations, fuel filling, alarm button activations and temperature sensors in refrigerated FMCG trucks.

Get more work out of your fleet through automatic rerouting to circumvent blockades and congested routes.

Cut out extra fuel costs associated with idling vehicles and reduce the extra mileage by eliminating route deviation.

Control unauthorized vehicle access with effective Geofences and integrate an RFID card reader or a fingerprint scanner.

Be aware of the exact status of any vehicle or the location of freight at any point in time, even when the GPS signal is lost.

Real Time Fleet Management Benefits

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Real-Time Interactive Map​

Track the movements and manage your vehicles on preferred map layers, including Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Yandex Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, and many more with 99% Uptime SLA. A simple yet well-developed intuitive user interface allows easy access to the right information to make informed decisions. Access live & historic data of the vehicles with google street view support for up to 5 Years.


Access Control And Work Hours

Enhance safety and security of the fleet with RFID/BLE access control device. Keep record of driver duty status for calculating hours of service and control operating expenses. Develop a driver profile and efficiently manage the driver's coaching journey & schedule.


Geofence Control​

Create polygons, circles, or line geofences to monitor and control visits, receive instant notifications when the vehicles enter/leave a geofence. Group management allows easy allocation of resources. Geofences can be used as checkpoints to monitor route progress such as visited, not visited, delayed, or skipped, additionally they can be used in reports.


Trip Playback​

Playback Trip’s Location, address, date, time and speed of vehicle along with google street view. Display multiple tracks on the map which represent different vehicles at various time intervals. Set different colors for tracks to segment tracks by different colors depending on the speed or other sensor values.


Reports And Notifications​

Create in-depth reports and receive instant notifications when the units deviate from their allotted routes. Analyze the data from a single vehicle or a group of vehicles simultaneously, check the activity of a single User, Driver, Trailer or group. Monitor the passing of route, geofence, or a group.