Fleet Management vs Vehicle Tracking System in Pakistan

GPS Vehicle Tracking System is one of the common methods to check real time location or history of vehicles. Vehicle tracking devices transfer GPS coordinates using 2G/3G/4G network to display them on a map. GPS tracking devices provide location, ignition & battery status. A vehicle tracking system has fewer reports with no customization making it difficult to get detailed insights.

Vehicle Tracking Systems available in market

Vehicle tracking services provide 1-3 months of playback history, ignition on/off alert and battery tempering alert. Trip, geofence & speed reports are part of the basic services. Price for vehicle tracking systems in Pakistan starts from 18,000 to 30,000 Rupees. Majority of the tracking service providers use vehicle tracking devices with single input/output & without an IP rating. Low cost chinese tracking devices are popular in the market. This reduces the cost of initial setup. Vehicle tracking system is best suited for private cars & home fleet for monitoring.

Features of Vehicle Tracking System

  • On-call Location
  • Battery Tamper Call
  • Geo-Fencing via SMS
  • Ignition on/off Alert
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Help
  • Trip Report
  • Movement Report

GPS Tracking Devices Manufacturer

Bitrek is one of the leading European Certified GPS tracking devices manufacturer. Portfolio includes vehicle GPS tracking and control with the support of extra sensors. BLE & RFID support for fuel level, driver identification, immobilization & temperature sensors.

Features of GPS Tracking Devices

  • GPS Controller for digital interfaces RS-485, RS-232, j1708, j1939, 1-Wire, CAN.
  • Support for RFID, Interlock relay, Temperature sensors, Fuel Level Sensors, Fuel Flow Sensors, Tyre Pressure Management System & etc.
  • Remote management of device settings & firmware.
  • Internal battery saves upto 50,000 records.

Fleet Management System

It is capable of handling huge amounts of data from hundreds or even thousands of vehicles in a split second. GPS Tracking Device can connect to many sensors such as temperature & driver id. They send data to Fleet Management Software/ IoT Platform. Fleet Management Dashboard gives visibility for quick decision making. Keeping an eye on fuel cost, mileage traveled and driving behavior improves fleet efficiency.

Fleet management system integrated with google maps displays live location & traffic updates. It has dedicated modules for route control, maintenance scheduling & delivery order management.

Customizable fleet reports are often requested by the management & clients. Fleet management software provides over 300+ metrics to customize reports & schedule to send by email.

Fleet Management Software & IoT Platform

Enterprise fleet management services have a user friendly interface to keep track of maintenance expenses, spare parts and service history. Digital logbook keeps maintenance records for up to 5 years and helps in forecasting fleet maintenance budget.

Driving behavior analysis & coaching ensures fleet & cargo safety. Promoting safe driving habits among the drivers increases vehicle lifespan. Fleet management system monitors harsh acceleration, braking & cornering along the route.

Fleet Management System in Pakistan
  • Android/IOS App

Track vehicles from the Android/IOS apps available in Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

  • 24x7 Real Time Monitoring with Google Maps

Web interface to access live/history of the vehicles with google maps support. Responsive design to use with any device, any time.

  • Easy to Use Interface

Intuitive user interface to allow easy access to the right information to make informed decisions.

  • Trip Playback History

Location, address, date, time and speed for each vehicle displayed along with Google Street View during playback on the map.

  • Heat-maps for Visual Analysis

Trips and Parking places displayed as heat-maps on google maps.

  • Reports (engine hours, trip, driving behavior, over speeding, stops, parking, battery voltage)

Reports on the activity of a vehicle generated & downloaded in (PDF/CSV). Available filters include date, time, geofence & more sensors.

  • Real Time Driver Behavior Alerts

Push notifications on mobile & web for idling, harsh acceleration, braking, cornering & over speeding

  • Remote Engine Block/Unblock

Protect vehicle from theft & unauthorized usage. Block/Unblock the vehicle's engine from mobile & web.

  • Vehicle Battery Voltage Monitoring

Check battery health, generate a battery voltage report to identify any potential problems. Get notified when someone disconnects car battery.

  • Geofence Movement

Watch & Track the movement of vehicles in a geofence. A geofence report provides all relevant information & Inside/Outside geofence performance analysis.

  • Schedule Reports

PDF reports scheduled to an email address containing information such as trip, Stops, parking, engine hour, eco driving.

  • Users & Permissions

A powerful user, device & group management system permissions by vehicle or feature.

  • Advanced Reports

Advanced reports include reports such as Vehicle group, User groups. Driver Group & Geofence Group.

  • Vehicle Locator Link

Vehicle location link with a predefined time limit to view & share. Watch vehicle location in real time on google map.

  • SOS Button/Panic Alert

SOS button/Panic alert will generate a real time alert on mobile & web.

  • Fuel Filling and Report

Add fuel filling information with fuel volume, price, date and location of the filling. Generate reports of fillings to keep track of usage and prevent fuel theft.

  • Route Creation and Scheduling

Create & get real time alerts for checkpoints along the route with progress details such as completed, Not visited, Delayed. Detailed reports for a single or permanent route.

  • Fleet Management Dashboard

Fleet management dashboard updates standard KPIs trends and graphs of important metrics in real time. Fleet Dashboard compares the daily, weekly & yearly data along with the trend analysis.

  • Overall Mileage Traveled

Traveled mileage of the entire fleet in the fleet telematics dashboard in the given period of time.

  • Idling Hours of Fleet

Total idling hours of the fleet comparison to keep an eye on the productivity and efficiency of the fleet.

  • Total Fuel Consumed of Fleet

Fuel consumption of the entire fleet. Fuel consumed and average Km/L fuel efficiency during the given period of time.

  • Harsh Braking/Acceleration Counts

Harsh braking and acceleration reduces the lifespan of the vehicle and also decreases the productivity of the engine.

  • Driving Behavior Rank

Score vehicles for fleet owner to understand how well or bad the fleet is being driven on the roads.

  • Total Violations Count

Analyze how the drivers respond to the policy you delivered through comparison of violations.

  • Fuel Wasted

Fuel wasted in idling hours by the entire fleet in the given period of time.

  • Distance VS Fuel Consumed

Compare the distance traveled and fuel consumption data. Fuel consumption relates with the distance traveled in a specific time. It is easy to identify the fuel theft.

  • RFID Access Control

Identify drivers, calculate work hours, safeguard from unauthorized movement with RFID Access Card.

  • Driver Safety Ranking

Fleet safety analysis for all drivers as per driving incidents. Scoring for individual drivers from bad to excellent.

  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Set reminders for vehicle maintenance, Maintain digital logbook of service history.

  • Total Maintenance Cost

Total Maintenance cost by vehicle, a group or entire fleet.

  • Set Reminders for Driver License Renewal

Along with the maintenance reminder of your entire fleet, Add the renewal date of driving licenses.

  • Maintain Detailed Service Records Per Asset

Check the maintenance history of a vehicle along with the cost incurred during its maintenance.

  • Predict Maintenance Based on Vehicle Utilization*

Vehicle utilization based maintenance of a vehicle by distance traveled, day/month & engine hours.

  • Parts Management & Reports

Add/track parts, labour & inventory. Generate alerts/report on due, overdue, in progress, closed and rejected services.

  • Track Deliveries in Real Time

Efficiently manage all your dispatch operations with an interactive dashboard. Delivery Route Planning & Optimization feature to improve operational effeciency.

  • Automatic Order Distribution

Reduce labor cost and service time with an automatic dispatch system. Assign the most suitable driver/vehicle for the right task and at the right time.

  • Order Management

Create or import orders with detailed descriptions from CSV, Excel, third-party services or ERP systems via our APIs.

  • Digital Customer Sign-Off

Alert via email/SMS on orders delivered to your customers. Get a digital proof of delivery.

  • Delivery Performance Reports

Generate detailed reports about active, planned and fulfilled orders.

Fleet Fuel Management System

Fuel control system helps to eliminate any fuel misuse, increase haulage safety and cut vehicle depreciation expense ultimately resulting in increased ROI. Complete fuel consumption control and optimization of the related expenses. The fuel management system is based on data available from on board computer or fuel level sensors, installed in the fuel tank of a vehicle.

Fleet Management System ROI

Fleet management system reduces 15-20% of fuel & maintenance costs providing a clear ROI. Idling & unauthorized movement control improves operational efficiency at least 30-40%.

Fleet Management System ROI
Fleet Management System ROI


Modern day fleet managers need a fleet management software which optimizes route plans, provides alerts in real-time and generates detailed reports for performance evaluation.

Annual growth rate of the fleet management industry is above 11% which is estimated to double by 2025. A reliable cloud based SaaS solution with data analytics is the need of today’s fleet owners.


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