Fleet Maintenance

iFleet manages the process of fleet maintenance, servicing & the validity of driver’s documents with a user-friendly interface, specific reports, and expenditure records. A step away from multipage Excel documents and paper registers.

  • Keeps you informed
    Keeps you informed

    Notification will update you on the upcoming works and work progress

  • Inspires complex approach to maintenance
    Inspires complex approach to maintenance

    All types of works, spare parts, and expenditures in one application, no more Excel and paperwork.

  • Automates Process
    Automates Process

    The set of works can be assigned to a unit group or an individual vehicle.

  • Saves the history
    Saves the history

    The archive of works for each unit is available at any moment

fleet maintenance

Fleet Maintenance Features

Parts & Services​

Automatic monitoring and registration of works in the system including the type of parts, spare parts, prices, and associated results.

Total Cost​​

Accurate graphs and analysis around performed services by fleet, vehicle, and interval.

Maintenance Notifications​​

Get alerts when servicing appointments are due or when they are being missed.

Service History​

Digital record of data on mileage, engine hours, services, and advanced information on each unit.

Intervals & Schedule​

Set specified maintenance intervals and enjoy automated service creation by time, mileage, and engine hours for the specified vehicle or a fleet.

Service Calender

Organize your services team optimally & gain visibility into when vehicles are booked in for maintenance.

fleet statistics

Fleet Statistics

The number of vehicles that operate and those idling at the service station The former makes the profit while the latter pumps out the money. Services: due, in progress, and overdue Plan your work taking into account how many vehicles will be unavailable in the short run. Fleet maintenance costs including the cost per 1 km View it in progress and consider mileage or engine hours. Is there any correlation? Or vehicles get broken not even leaving the fleet yard?

Fleet Maintenance Benefits

Reduced Critical Breakdowns

Prevent breakdowns from happening in the first place by servicing vehicles & replacing parts well in time so that the fleet stays on the road round the clock.

Preventive Maintenance

Ensure that all aspects of Fleet servicing and Fleet maintenance are conducted with regularity, in a cost efficient and timely manner.

Maintenance Cost Reduction​

Reduce the cost of your maintenance operations through intervals by servicing vehicles which hit certain milestones, kilometer driven, engine hours or number of days.

Budget Forecasting​

Right-size your fleet with an accurate overall picture of all expenses incurred across your fleet along with extensive Fleet Telematics data all in one place.

Fleet Service Scheduling

Analyze and Forecast cost of performed services by fleets, units, and servicing intervals. Broadcasting schedules, reminders & alerts that help you stay on top of planned maintenance.

Log Book Automation

Gain access to a digital and tamper-proof vehicle logbook for each vehicle in your fleet that chronicles every aspect of service history and eliminates human error.