Field service management software

Know where your assets are & get updates on operations with real-time location updates. Increase visibility and transparency by assigning tasks and schedules.


Simple, intuitive and native apps for iOS and Android with interactive walkthroughs make it dead simple to onboard new users and get them started right away.

Real-time Location Tracking
Instant Alerts & Reports
Field Service Scheduling & Dispatching
Accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals
Two-way Communication
Mileage Tracking & Route Optimization

iField Features

Fully control, guide and instruct your field workers daily

Latest data at hand

View the main tracking parameters on the home screen for quick checks. The data is automatically updated according to the latest messages from the unit.

Data from workers

Workers are able to send pictures, SOS messages, or location info. Be notified about the situations when personnel needs help or instructions.

Custom statuses option

Tailor the app to business needs; set up the required statuses and get messages with custom parameters to know what’s happening in the field.

QR codes employment

Let workers log in with a QR code. Have them scan QR codes at certain points or situations (for example, at the end of the route).

Efficient battery use

Let workers employ user modes that consume various battery power amounts; offer a power saving mode to make the devices last longer.

Various user modes

Choosing preset mode (Active/Standard/Lite) or creating your own (Custom).

Remote control

Request actions such as a camera snapshot or a service stop and change settings of the app remotely to proactively guide the workers.

Chat with employees

Send and receive various types of messages from the field workers for close and detailed day-to-day communication.

What you need to start

Build your monitoring ecosystem without employing additional hardware. Use workers’ smartphones as tracking devices

Smartphone with GPS
Internet access