Plan more efficient delivery routes

iFleet makes it possible to efficiently plan the fleet operation, minimizing fuel fraud, increasing the safety of freight transportation and reducing the cost of vehicle depreciation.

Optimize all expenses, reduce downtime and control drivers with an effective monitoring platform.

Business Challenges

Failure to complete deliveries, delays & route deviations
Unauthorized rides
Unhappy clients

Key Benefits

Unite dispatchers and drivers by means of a universal service to control all stages of delivery and field service operations.

Four stages of order management


Add Orders


Distribute Orders


Monitor a Delivery


Generate Reports

Automatic order distribution


Routing (minimum time and distance)

Effective and carrying capacity

Delivery interval, Unloading time

Weight and volume of goods


Preliminary routes

Route adjustment option

Estimated delivery time

Estimated mileage

Driver Mobile Application

Laying the route to an order using external navigation apps.

Assign status to an order (delivered/rejected) & call-to-client button.

Address, goods volume and weight, price, delivery time, etc.

Add comments and photos to an order.

A handy chat to notify a dispatcher on any circumstances considering the delivery.

Simultaneously view orders list in a table and on a map.