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Despite all the lockdown, the delivery services market has grown by 7% in 2020 in comparison with the same period in 2019 according to business wire. This market growth against the odds was also influenced by telematics. Such an industry cannot grow without GPS tracking software or an IoT platform.

For the customer ordering any goods is to make 3 clicks. Delivery process involves a few people working in spreadsheets or order management software. An integrated Fleet management system covering all stages of delivery to make the client happy.

Delivery Service GPS Tracking

Customers order food, clothes, beauty products, devices & many other goods online. They would like to be sure that they will receive the orders in time and in the proper condition.

Delivery services were getting popular before Covid-19. Four billion parcels were delivered across the world in 2019. After the pandemic spread across the world the use of delivery services became a necessity for many. We know the necessity is the mother of invention.

For the delivery market it was a turning point when some companies started to lose clients. As a result companies began to look into adding or evolving their delivery services.

IoT & Telematics allows the business owners to slash the cost, improve delivery time and improve the service quality. Let’s take a look at some of the key areas to improve service quality.

Business Challenges of Delivery Services

  • Capacity planning/Optimizing load levels
  • Paperwork/forms processing
  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Meeting business goals/KPIs
  • Delivery accuracy
  • Dispatch
  • Route optimization/Faster delivery
  • Managing fuel costs
  • Controlling labor costs
  • Real-time visibility
  • Two-way communication with drivers
  • Vehicle/Asset tracking
  • Minimizing damaged shipments

Delivery Service Fleet Management System

Here are the key Processes which can improve Delivery Services & save time and cost by implementing a fleet management system.

  • Integrated Ordering & delivery platform
  • Connect vehicles, drivers & order management platforms for seamless communication
  • Provide latest optimized route to drivers for delivery
  • Delivery statistics for delivered orders of last year with associated record of driver, vehicle.
  • Planned and actual routes with the option of displaying planned and actual routes on the map in reports.
  • Geocoding algorithm provides the search formula in a way that the routes are optimized, which simplifies the import of orders with addresses.
  • Driver’s mobile application will unite him with dispatcher for quick redressal of client side delays.
  • Custom fields in the orders provide ability to create orders with relevant information on the delivery.
  • Delivery services with a multi-functional platform covering different telematics needs including fleet management, fuel monitoring, asset tracking, personal tracking, delivery management, driving quality control will lead the market in future.

Delivery Service Software Features

  • Routing & addresses based on data from google maps
  • Effective Dispatcher-Driver-Client communication
  • Precise order information to avoid misdirected pattern
  • Preliminary Analysis on Map to avoid misdirected pattern
  • Attach all relevant files to orderImport orders using csv or integration with ERP
  • Order distribution across delivery areas attributed to warehouse
  • Build templates for new orders
  • Set Criteria for Automatic Order Distribution
  • Automatic route sheet creation
  • Custom tags for orders for relevant information
  • Permanent orders for regular & single orders for occasional
  • Order filtration by Type, time interval, warehouse & tags
  • Check performance by planned & actual routes on map
  • Check temperature information & reports for refrigerated transport
  • Check reports by routes & orders
  • Driver Identification Reports
  • Driver Safety Scorecard

Delivery Service KPI Dashboard & Reports

Delivery service dashboard contains the following key performance indicators with real-time updates to have visibility on operations.

  • Total orders
  • Orders visited
  • Orders visited in time
  • Orders visited late
  • Non-visited orders
  • Orders fulfilled
  • Orders fulfilled in time
  • Orders fulfilled late
  • Orders visited without status
  • Orders rejected
  • Percentage of orders visited in time
  • Percentage of orders visited late
  • Percentage of non-visited orders
  • Percentage of orders fulfilled in time
  • Percentage of orders fulfilled late
  • Percentage of orders visited without status
  • Percentage of orders rejected
  • Order’s avg time (estimated)
  • Order’s avg time (actual)
  • Avg time deviation in orders
  • Order’s avg mileage (actual)
  • Order’s avg weight
  • Order’s avg volume
  • Order’s avg cost
  • Avg fuel consumption for an order
  • Orders’ estimated mileage
  • Orders’ actual mileage
  • Fuel consumed in orders
  • Orders’ total weight
  • Orders’ total volume
  • Orders’ total cost

Fleet management system reduces operational costs and increases profitability per vehicle, Keeps track of drivers and their performance. It reinforces eco driving and reduces fuel consumption by creating individual driver fuel efficiency ratings.

A real-time fleet management system provides instant performance data you need for optimization of your delivery service. Streamlined fleet maintenance workflow improves fleet utilization & keeps the vehicles on road.

Delivery services must have a modern fleet management system which provides Efficient routing, Delivery rescheduling, Electronic proof of delivery and Management of assets to improve customer satisfaction.

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