GPS Fleet Management & IoT Platform

Industry Specific fleet applications solving 99% business Challenges
Real Time Updates, Fuel Theft Control & Maintenance Scheduling Provides a clear ROI
KPI Dashboards & Customized Reports (upto 5 Years of Data History)
Developer Friendly Open API, 99.9% Uptime
24/7 Online Technical Support with Remote Device Management
Bring your own device (BYOD), Hardware-agnostic with 2000+ integerated devices

GPS Fleet Management System

GPS Fleet Management software focuses on increased visibility across your fleet by live vehicle tracking on map, real-time dashboard, alerts & reports.

iFleet® is an innovative solution for Fleet managers that helps to achieve operational excellence by keeping an eye on Trends for Fuel Consumption, Average Km/l, Distance Traveled, Engine Hours, Preventive Maintenance, Driving Quality Score, Idling & other important KPI’s to your organization.

The industry-specific solution solves 99% of customer needs.

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Fleet Management Solutions

Real-Time Monitoring with Google Maps. View, track & playback fleet operations in real-time with annotations. Create geofence & monitor movement inside a geofence. Web/IOS/Android Push notifications for real-time tracking of vehicles. Playback history for up to 5 Years.

Preventive maintenance stops breakdowns at an early stage. Cut down repair expenses and time in the service. Know exactly what works are in progress and, what spare parts are used & how much does it cost.

iFleet® allows you to build customizable driving quality criteria to score drivers & reduce harsh braking, harsh acceleration, over speeding, idling, traffic violations & insurance costs ensuring optimal vehicle life, cargo security, .

Use our Proprietary fuel management system to monitor fuel consumption and stop fuel theft. Enter your fuel filling and get an accurate record of actual fuel usage. Decrease fuel theft by 90%, fuel consumption by 15%, and optimize fleet efficiency by 30%.

Complete order management solution to control all stages of delivery and field service operations. Distribute orders with optimized routes & with efficient resource utilization. Real-time notifications of order status & Detailed reports on a group of orders.

Artificial Intelligence video telematics using Mobile DVR, IP Cameras, Mobile Data Terminal & Driving Assistant System. An intelligent driver safety solution using multiple sensors to monitor driver’s levels of fatigue and distraction in real-time.

Actional insights into Trips, Fuel consumption, Driving behavior & Overall Fleet operations. View and analyze information from over 300+ data points in interactive reporting templates, charts, and dashboards.

Secure the cargo & vehicle by implementing an RFID card or fingerprint scanner. Prevent unauthorized usage by schedule OR vehicle, generate work hours report & connect driver behavior to the vehicle by identifying them.

Fleet fuel management support with fuel level sensors, fuel flow meter & canbus reading. Temperature monitoring sensors, secure locks or any IoT enabled sensors can be integrated.

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Fleet Management KPI Dashboards

GPS Fleet management software provides visibility over key job metrics of fleet manager & owner alike. Tasks such as scheduling fleet maintenance for improved safety, planning routes & dispatch, keeping an eye on real time alerts & generating reports take a toll even on seasoned professionals.
iFleet® provides you ROI across your business with tools to optimize service & fuel costs, automated route planning, Driving behavior analysis & improving field communication via Web/Mobile App.

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